AXIOM Yachting Hvar


Married at 23, Ante and Viktorija Milicic started their family business in their mid-twenties.

Five years ago, then unknown boat master, and now the most famous Croatian boat manufacturer, Colnago, made the first custom made Colnago 45 for our company. That custom made boat is the our most recognizable boat, our Axiom VanDutch 45’.

After the Axiom boat, over the years, three more top boats joined our company. Our team has about 10 employees distributed among the four boats and the agency in the center of the town of Hvar.

In addition to their love for the sea, boats, island way of life the Milicic family is focused on the eco-production of olive oil and eggs, managing vacation apartments in the city of Hvar, and running a small village estate 10 minutes from the town of Hvar, which stands out for its incredible view of the Adriatic islands and authentic local dishes.

It is innovation, authenticity, love for details and peculiarities that sets the Axiom team apart and provides our guests with a unique, warm experience, tailored to their wishes and guided by our knowledge, experience and love we have for the island of Hvar.