Vis and Blue Cave


  • Blue cave on island Bisevo
  • Green cave
  • Famous Stiniva rock beach
  • Sandy Stoncica beach
  • Town Komiza
  • Pakleni islands with Palmizana bay

Blue cave

Blue cave tour is very popular and if you ask us quite overrated. Yes, the nature is amazing, but then again, it has become so popular that the crowds sometimes ruin the joy. Be ware that it sometimes happens that we arrive at a certain beautiful spot and then need to wait half an hour just to get in the bay, a cave, to the beach, until boats with groups (sometimes groups in big sailing boats come from other towns such as Split and naturally it takes a long time until they all get their turn to have a swim, take photos, etc.)

However, the Blue cave itself is stunning. Smaller than everyone expects, though, and people get tickets and are transferred into the cave on small boats, for a ten minute look around. Swimming is prohibited in the cave despite the rumors you may have heard. The wait to get in is sometimes neglectable (20-30 minutes) and sometimes almost unbearable (up to 2 or 3 hours, depending on a day and time of season). It is a long distance trip and the weather also plays a big role. Sometimes the sea is choppy and the ride is a bit bumpy.

Tour information

Stops that are usually included in this tour are: Green cave, Stiniva beach Vis, Budikovac, Blue cave.

We usually plan lunch at the end of the tour in a Palmizana bay where you have 2-3 restaurants and Laganini beach bar, perfect for the final swim, drinks, or just relaxing. Lunch is not included in the price of the tour.

Blue cave cannot be visited during high wind from the south because the waves block its entrance.

When it comes to private all day trips we usually schedule them to start at 10:00 in order to avoid the so-called ”rush hour” at the port and in the channel (most trips start at about 11:00 and the sea gets too busy with boat traffic). This also gives us a head start in a way that we try to avoid crowds and terrible waiting at stops included in tours. All day tours usually end at about 5:30, 6:00 p.m. but that really depends on the chosen tour and our clients. Some decide to cut the trip short or others have too much fun for and don’t want to be rushed.

As for pick up place that is always agreed on. It can be from the port or at a nearby hotel. This depends on where guests are staying and doesn’t change the price (as long as it is in Hvar town).